Frieda’s Awesome Foods

I honestly love trying new and different foods. I am also insistent that my kids to the same. I have a rule that they have to try something three times to decide if they like it or not. I got on a email list (mostly because of my contributions at for Frieda’s Produce.  I am super excited each time I receive one of their boxes. They usually contain some of the most unique foods available in the United States. Some of our more recent favorites that we have hunted down in stores (we found out that King Soopers pretty consistently carries the stuff as does Sunflower Market).

1. Sunchokes – These little morsels look a bit like a ginger root. We have prepared them by boiling them and then gently sauteeing them in a bit of butter (for my mom who believes that I can only cook things that are boxed, bagged or frozen should be impressed that I actually used the word sautee right there in the correct context). They taste just like the heart of an artichoke without all the falderall of the leaves and the other stuff you usually have to work to get to the yummy middle.

2. Purple Brussel Sprouts – Yes, they look like and taste just like a regular brussel sprout (only maybe a tiny bit smaller). The color has created fun on our plates and my daughter devours them like they are going out of style! (Sprouts are so stylish you know).

3. Eggroll Wrappers and WonTon Skins – We created some of the best stuff with these! We made our own Chili Rellanos by wrapping a chunk of velveeta cheese and a jalepeno in an Eggroll Wrapper and then deep fried them. Easy and was one of the biggest hits of our Superbowl Party! And yes, we made our own potstickers with the WonTon skins. The recipe was easy enough to have my kids help and then we enjoyed. Potsticker recipes are abundant and easy to find on the web. It is essentially ground pork, red bell pepper, onion, ginger, water chesnuts and cabbage.

4. Passion Fruit – I’ve had this stuff in a smoothies before but, never knew what it really was. And it’s always a little daunting to have to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to eat something. (For the record you just cut it in half and then scoop out the insides. You eat the whole inside with the small seeds and all). It was a bit more tart than I expected – but it was delish!

One of the things I (we) love most is that Frieda’s really just has some fun with their foods. They are aware of great foodie dates – like this month they will focus on Not So Fat Monday. Great produce (like the Mardi Gras colored cauliflower). I find that I usually gravitate towards the fruits first. Don’t be intimidated to try something new – and don’t let your mom’s “don’t play with your food” adage play too loudly in your head. #FoodIsFun

Denver Deal: Free Days, Redbox, Consignments and More

Last week, MileHighMamas were invited to the Soybu Grand Opening in Greenwood Village. While I enjoyed seeing all the other ladies and of course shopping for a totally cute outfit (or two) that night, another thing I was looking forward to was sneaking into the Trader Joe’s in the same parking lot. I was surprised when I went into their store and saw that it was a bit like the apocalypse was going happen. The shelves were bare and I couldn’t really understand what all the hoopla was about. I have fallen in love with some amazingly different foods sent to me by Frieda’s Produce (things like sunchokes, purple brussel sprouts and the purple sweet potatoes) I guess I was sort of hoping that some of these items would be in that store – but they were not. So back to my weekly quest for awesomely great foods at Sunflower Market and King Soopers! Looking forward to the spring food fun!
Free Days
  • Saturday, March 1 – Denver Art Museum and Colorado Railroad Museum
  • Sunday, March 2 – Museum of Nature & Science
  • Monday, March 3 – Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Tuesday, March 4 – Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield & Children’s Museum of Denver (4 p.m . to 8 p.m.)
Children’s Consignment Sales
Thousands of shoppers find bargains on kids’ clothing for newborn-preteen, toys, strollers, furniture, baby equipment, books, shoes, maternity items and more…all at 50-90% below retail. This week is the Supertwins of the Rocky Mountains (STORM) sale on Saturday at 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Manning School in Golden.  Go here for the full round-up:
 Mr. Peabody & Sherman Movie
Do you want to see MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN before it hits theaters? Well click on the link for your chance to download a screening pass for you and your family to check out an advance screening on Tuesday, March 4th in Denver! Seats in the theater are first-come, first-serve so PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY! MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN hits theaters March 7th!
Walmart to Go
Most of the time I write about saving money or FREE events – but I have recently found something that saves me TIME – and probably some money too as my kids are not bugging me to buy things I didn’t plan to purchase) with the WalMart To Go. Now you can order fresh groceries and every day essentials online and have them delivered to your door in temperature-controlled trucks. Or, pick  them up for FREE at the store and have them loaded into the car. Plus, there is no add on fees – the prices are as they are in the store!
Smashburger & Winter Park
When you purchase an entree and beverage at Smashburger you can also pick up your two for one coupon for lift tickets at Winter Park!
Text DAYS to 727272 daily through March 3 – to receive a “surprise” (so far it has been a daily discount code for me).
Colorado Mammoth
Buy One Colorado Mammoth Ticket (v. Rochester) for March 1 – Get One Free.


Email me if you know of any great Denver deals!

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Acting Like I Am Busy

I try to act like a good mom. I go to every one of my kids sporting events no matter how absolutely boring I may find Junior High C Team basketball. I’m there. I watch my son play. I cheer him on. I make sure he knows I’m there, even if it is not one of my nights with the kids. ‘

Last night I realized that there were several other parents that all went head down into their cell phones – right when there was a break in the action – a time out, half-time or even a foul. When I realized that I think all of us are just pretending to be so darn busy that we can’t possibly let that email go without being answered – even in the middle of my kids basketball game. This business ensures that I don’t even have to glance in the direction of my ex who has dutifly taken his place several rows and sections removed from where I had already staked out territory upon my arrival. He had his crew of other men who are divorcees too. While I had my crew of the other ladies.

So why did I think it was so funny when one of the other moms sitting with me admitted that her phone was actually “dead” as she had forgotten to charge it – but phones are such a great way to avoid avoid avoid?



Denver Deal: Free Day, Frontier Airlines, Qdoba and Ski Deals

I’m super excited for my honey to come visit me from San Francisco this Valentine’s Weekend. The only dilemma for me is what to do. I often talk about all the great things that I get to do and there are several different options this weekend. From the always amazing Chef Mary Nguyen’s awesome tasting menu at Parallel Seventeen. To the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera* offering snowshoe tours and dinner (seriously that’s awesome romantic right)?

Free Days

National Parks – Not only is President’s Day (Monday) a good reason to not have to go to school, but also a great day to play at the National Parks. Since it is FREE. By the way it is free all weekend – Saturday through Monday.

Frontier Airlines Olympic Promotion

Since I’m thinking all about traveling and I’m a deals girl plus I love the Olympics, I LOVE the Frontier Airlines promotion. Frontier Airlines is offering a way for you to win, even if you’re not in Sochi! How many gold medals will USA win? We’re hoping for a lot and here’s why… when THEY win, YOU win. For each gold medal USA wins at the Winter Games, Frontier will match with a one percent promo code towards a future flight with Frontier. With up to 90 medal opportunities, you could win big! Sign up at Frontier’s Facebook page (Winter Games tab).

Skirt Sports Winter Sale

Skirt Sports, the originator of the workout skirt is having a winter sale with many items half off!

Tokyo Joe’s Loves Valentines

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by dining in at any Tokyo Joe’s. Addict Club members (membership is free – just sign up online) will receive a BOGO on bowls, 8 piece sushi or BIG salad.

Qdoba Queso For A Kiss

Qdoba’s Queso for a Kiss encourages guests to pucker up and share a kiss with a significant other, friend, family member, or willing stranger (yes, you can get that person in line behind you to kiss ya). When you smooch (or peck) you’ll receive a free entrée with the purchase of a Queso entrée this Valentine’s Day (Friday, Feb. 14).  The fourth-annual buy one, get one offer follows the rollout of two new Queso flavors – Diablo and Queso Verde, available in-restaurants now.

Loveland Ski Area Deal

If you can get up to the slopes on Thursday, February 12 – participate in the Loveland and Radio Station Party 95.7 Hookey Day. Tickets are just $25 for an adult (or you can purchase a BOGO). Just print the coupon listed on the radio station’s website.

More Ski Deals at

Save 44% at Arapahoe Basin with 3-day lift tickets starting at just $139; At Copper Mountain save 28% with a 1-day lift ticket starting at just $85; Granby Ranch offers a 2-day lift ticket plus 1-night skiing ticket plus s’mores starting at $98; Winter Park 1-day lift ticket is 22% off at just $85.

*Guests can start with the Valentine’s Dinner and Full Moon Snowshoe Tour on Friday, February 14th for an unforgettable experience. Begin with a delicious three-course dinner at Mirador, followed by a two-hour Full Moon Snowshoe through Cordillera on the Camino del Norte Trail. Following the romantic stroll, couples can return to Cordillera’s chateau-inspired lodge and relax with the Romance Package.  The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera’s fantastic Romance Package includes: Lodging in a King Mountain deluxe room with fireplace & balcony; $20 per person breakfast credit at Mirador Restaurant; welcome champagne & chocolates; and fire started in the fireplace prior to arrival (Book the Romance Package here)


Dentist Is A Used Car Salesperson

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

I am self employed. I pay for health insurance, even before Obama care required it of me. But I don’t have dental insurance. I pay out of pocket. I know that it is smart of me to visit the dentist at regular, twice annual visits. And to be honest, I really do like getting my teeth cleaned but I can’t stand the actual dentist. Here is what happened on a recent trip to the dentist.

I sat in the chair and had my teeth cleaned by the nice hygenist. She had a conversation with me – which I believe I was a brilliant conversationalist back…(most would agree the stunted ability to speak when some instrument is stuck in my mouth or my face agap so they can get to those back teeth would actually help quell my constant jabbering). I felt like we were getting to be “friends.” But then she “turned me over” to the dentist. The dentist had about 10 minutes with me to speak in tongues (Tooth number 15 has an icclusial, E-O on 30). Seriously what do they MEAN by that – other than to make me feel totally stupid? Long story short, one of my teeth had a chip – I needed a crown. I knew this. I broke it on a popcorn kernel and brought in the chip. Duh. But the other one just befuddled me. Another tooth was going to crack to pieces because the old filling I had was expanding, so I should have the dentist rip out this perfectly good filling to get a new one that won’t expand over time. Keep in mind it has been YEARS since I’ve seen a dentist and I’ve been dealing with the tooth now for a while…I’m not getting tooth “bits” when I bite down on things – so I think I’m OK.

As I sat their contemplating my gummy smile (as all my teeth are apparently going to fall out) and the subsequent cost and upkeep for a good pair of dentures, I was scared. I like to smile people. It is what I do. And the dentist was telling me that this was going to just disappear one day! YIKES. But then the thought occurred to me. Dentists are a bit like a used car sales person trying to get you to purchase the lemon off the lot so they could get a paycheck! Really has dentistry become the up-sale of all upsales? “Would you like fries with that”? Uh…”Would you like a filling with that crown”? And we wonder why people don’t love going to the dentist….what is this really gonna cost me? Does going to the dentist have a timing to it? Don’t go in January when they are planning their summer family retreat to Maui and certainly don’t go in November or December when they are plotting what kind of amazing Christmas presents their darling (spoiled) children will get this year under the tree (while you deal with how to pay for your wooden block smile).

What You Need If You Are New To Skiing and Snowboarding

I am a relative newbie to snowboarding. While I’m a really outgoing and don’t mind asking a kajillion questions – I know that skiing and snowboarding can be overwhelming and at times seem a bit elitist in that it is hard to jump in and get the information you need to get started. I recently went to SIA (Snowsports Industry Association) tradeshow in Denver. I visited several ski and snowboard apparel manufacturers what was the most important thing that I should spend money on when it comes to skiing and snowboard equipment. Here are what some of their answers were – and some of my personal opinions interjected.

  1. Get A Lesson. Overwhelmingly, most people I asked said spend your money getting a lesson. Get started by someone who knows what they are doing. This also will help eliminate injury and a good instructor will also teach you the “rules of the mountain.”
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask.Don’t be intimidated by all the people who seemingly know what they’re doing. They may know now – but that has not always been the case – they started as a newbie too. It’s OK to have to stop and ask directions or to ask how to get out of your snowboard binding or back on your ski after you fell out of the binding. Believe it or not, most snowsports enthusiasts don’t really want to seem elitist and they are usually more than happy to “talk shop” with you telling you their opinions and simply wanting you to try the sport they adore.
  3. Don’t Buy The Most Expensive Equipment. Get the hang of the sport first. Rent equipment. When you rent from a reputable location they will outfit you with the correct size for your height/weight/skill level and what type of skiing/boarding you want to do. Seriously, I’m cheap! The reality is that there are other things that you should spend your money on first – like lessons and lift tickets. One of the reasons that snow sports seem so elitist is that the equipment can be very expensive. So take it easy. Don’t buy everything at once. Get the essentials and build from there.
  4. Do Invest Some Money In Certain Items. While the hard equipment like the ski boots, skis, poles, snowboard, snowboard boots, and bindings can be rented. There are some items that you should invest some of your money in. These include: Socks – if you have well fitting warm socks it will make your day more enjoyable – you just need 1 good pair of wool socks cotton will get sopping wet and more than one pair will just fit weird; Gloves – make sure that you have gloves that will keep your fingers warm,  Base-layer – base-layer is the fancy term for long-johns. Your base-layer is what is directly against your body. You want to make sure that you get something that is going to keep you warm (meaning no cotton – because cotton just soaks up the wetness of the snow) but also feel comfortable as those YOGA pants you wear around – oh wait, maybe that is just me;   and get or borrow a snow coat and snow pants.
  5. A Few Other Tips. There are a few tips that I picked up as I was learning…you shouldn’t wear jeans under your snow pants. I know sounds sort of weird but really all you will need under you snow pants are a base-layer (aka long-johns). The first time I went I wore jeans. They limit your movement and actually make you colder (since they are cotton based).

I’m sure that everyone has their own opinions. These are mine based on the fact that I’ve only really been doing this for three years. In a future post I will post a must have, nice to have and cool extras list. Because there really is some great stuff out there – but if you’re just getting started – understanding what you really need and what you should spend your money on is important. I know that I didn’t just hit the lotto or rob a bank so that I could snowboard and get my kids on the hill too!