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Hotel Bottles

Hotel Bottles


From my earliest days, I can recall being fascinated with the luxury of travel. I can recall running into a hotel room to see if they had the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner (the mark of a grand hotel). I don’t think I really cared if the products were top of the line, just the fact that they were sitting there begging me to open and smell them. To lather the thick “body lotion” on my dry hands and take a shower just to use the products!

I used to stock pile them and carry around 1/2 filled bottled in my suitcase. I didn’t want that great stuff to go to waste. I found that I would have a bunch of little bottles that I just couldn’t throw away. It was almost as if the tiny bottles were better than any souvenir than I could buy (and certainly more budget friendly). Plus, if I had a house guest I could make my house feel like a hotel by putting those out for them to use.

Today, my kids are a bit spoiled. We are able to stay at amazing hotels. But I find just like when I was little, the first thing they do to determine how “good” a hotel it is – is to race to the bathroom and lay claim to the mini bottles of luxury – the shampoo, conditioner, and now body washes!

Do you get excited by the hotel products? Is that a selling point for you to stay at a hotel?

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