Soda Stream Blows Bubbles In Your Drink

source soda streamMy mom used to act like a can of pop (yes, I say pop – go ahead an psycho analyze where I’m from because I don’t call it “soda” or “coke”) like it was a super treat. We only got one every once in a while or on special occasions. And most definitely, we were not allowed to act silly with it – like blow bubbles into the cup. (I know EVERYONE else was allowed to do that!). I have carried much of that mindset into my life – albeit a bit more relaxed because well…we do live in 2014 when we swing by the fast food joints much more often than I would personally desire,

I received the new Soda Stream source. This slick little unit is pretty cute (and doesn’t take a lot of counter space) – it looks pretty slick. Plus it means that we no longer have to take bottles back and forth from the car and to the recycling bins. It’s all in one simple easy re-usable unit.

It is so simple and easy to use that my 12 year old daughter was showing me how to do it it. You just snap lock the bottle in and then push the “carbonating block” (which is pretty much the front of the machine) down until it lights up to indicate how much fizz it’s adding to the water. There are three settings for fizz (light, medium, and high). For carbonated water you do not need to anything to it. For soda, you add flavoring then gently roll the bottle until the flavor is mixed in. (Don’t shake it – opening it after shaking will just cause a giant mess – we “accidentally” tried it which the 12 year old got to clean up).

There are over 60 flavors to choose from – cola, diet, gingerale, lemon-lime, caffeine free, cherry cola, cosmopolitan (Ladies Night!), energy drinks, and Dr. Pete among others! We are still having fun experimenting. We are trying to come up with the perfect treat to serve at our Superbowl Party. But our FAVES are Country Time Pink Lemonade and Ocean Spray Cranberry.

Not only are we having far more pop than mom would be proud of  but, we are also being mad scientists with flavoring it and most definitely blowing bubbles into it! Anything you think we should add in? What should be in our own version of “Orange Crush” (Go Broncos!)? What flavor is “Superbowl Soda”?

Travel In Style

Hotel Bottles

Hotel Bottles


From my earliest days, I can recall being fascinated with the luxury of travel. I can recall running into a hotel room to see if they had the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner (the mark of a grand hotel). I don’t think I really cared if the products were top of the line, just the fact that they were sitting there begging me to open and smell them. To lather the thick “body lotion” on my dry hands and take a shower just to use the products!

I used to stock pile them and carry around 1/2 filled bottled in my suitcase. I didn’t want that great stuff to go to waste. I found that I would have a bunch of little bottles that I just couldn’t throw away. It was almost as if the tiny bottles were better than any souvenir than I could buy (and certainly more budget friendly). Plus, if I had a house guest I could make my house feel like a hotel by putting those out for them to use.

Today, my kids are a bit spoiled. We are able to stay at amazing hotels. But I find just like when I was little, the first thing they do to determine how “good” a hotel it is – is to race to the bathroom and lay claim to the mini bottles of luxury – the shampoo, conditioner, and now body washes!

Do you get excited by the hotel products? Is that a selling point for you to stay at a hotel?

Snow Stuff

I love getting new stuff. I like being on the “inside scoop” to see what is new and the up and coming trends. That is one of the reasons that I love going to the Snowsports Industry Association tradeshow in Denver. It is usually the last week or so of January. The show is by invite only – they let media in. It is the best to see the new trends, the up coming colors and test some of the new equipment (man I wish I could test a snowboard!!!) Here are some of the favorites that find themselves back in to the front of my closet (as if I could give them time to get in the back).

1. UClear – The wireless, bluetooth communication system links small ear pieces that are easy to fit inside a helmet (with velcro) to your phone. You can listen to music, take/make a call or even communication with up to 10 linked UClear systems. I talk about this communication all the time and use it EVERY time I board.


2. HotChilly’s jacket – I had always thought of HotChilly’s as simply undergarmets. I had always seen them as base layers. But, I got a pro card when I was at the show last year, and I purchased a jacket that I wear all the time. It is so soft on the inside I kind of just want to hug chilly's jacket

3. Fits Socks – There were several sock vendors at the show which were all pretty awesome. But the tops of my list are the FITS socks. They are so arm and fit just right after all kinds of wearing and testing them out.fits socks

4. Adidas Jacket- I received a jacket from Adidas that condenses into a small bag – I have worn this jacket in summer and winter, in the mountains when I’m hiking and when I snowboard. I love the idea that I am prepared for whatever I may encounter weather-wise.

I’m looking forward to seeing what really will “stick” in my closet this year.

Addicted to a TV Show

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

I usually pride myself on not being involved in too much TV. I don’t really like watching much TV – and with my kids around they typically have Disney Channel on lock anyways. So it never really made sense for me to get too attached to a TV show. But a friend recently told me about Game of Thrones. And now I’m addicted. I’m on some personal race to try to get through all three seasons in record time. I’m watching two episodes a day.

The funny thing is that it is not normally the kind of show I would gravitate to. I usually watch short 1/2 hour comedies. Something that makes me laugh. But now I feel really invested in the lives of these characters. I want certain ones to win and feel a heavy heart when something goes wrong.

What TV shows are you watching? What is something I should watch next? How do you decide what shows to watch?